The only Conditionals course you'll ever need..

With these lessons, you are going to dive deep into conditionals!

This is an excellent 'refresher' course for those who have already covered conditionals and the perfect place to start if they are new to you.

Conditionals allow us to be more interesting and creative in the way we express thoughts, ideas, experiences and possibilities.

Master conditionals and you will be able to have exponentially more interesting and engaging conversations in English!

Over 6 high quality, animated video lessons you are going to master:

  • Why we use Conditionals
  • Zero Conditional
  • First Conditional
  • 2nd Conditional
  • 3rd Conditional
  • Mixed Conditionals

Practice scenarios and quizzes are included throughout and a fillable PDF workbook is available for download.

You can return to this course as many times as you need to and practise along with me until you nail conditionals once and for all!

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