Learn to talk about work clearly and confidently!

This sample module from my Prepositions 8x8 course is a great example of how important prepositions are, in everyday spoken English.

We're going to cover 5 different prepositions that can be used together with 'work' so you can comfortably talk about your work or someone else's!

Finding a way to learn and practise prepositions until they become 'second nature' is the only way to master them.

That's exactly why I have created this course.

In this lesson you will see the method I use in my Prepositions 8x8 Course to teach prepositions and word patterns so you can use them correctly..


.. using the 'Imitation Technique' you will have the chance to practise speaking along with me again and again so the words (finally) stay in your mind!

Try it and see what you think!

´╗┐Emma xx

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