Expressing yourself confidently is about so much more than just words.

Using the Imitation Technique to practise your English with a native speaker helps you practise a whole lot of English skills at one time! 

These lessons have helped thousands of students and they can help you too!

You will improve your English pronunciation and expression by training with a native English speaker!

You’ll learn new vocabulary and expressions, practise correct pronunciation, intonation, stress and how to use interjections naturally while you speak.

You’ll practise what to say (words and expressions, idioms, phrasal verbs and interjections) but also, how to say it (pronunciation, intonation, stress, tone, facial expression).

These lessons allow you to practise English in context - inside a conversation! So, you’ll also improve your listening skills and learn more about speaking English naturally inside the bonus lessons!

By practising with the imitation technique, you can dramatically improve your English communication skills.  

The Imitation Technique gives you the chance to perform in English and discover there is a confident English speaker in you!

About These Lessons

Imitation Series 2 includes ten new imitation lessons that will help you to practise describing people in English.

We do this a lot, don’t we? We talk about our friends, our colleagues, our family, strangers that you sat next to on the bus!!

Being able to describe people well is an essential part of speaking English! Throughout all of these lessons, you’ll learn lots of adjectives and expressions to help you do this.


Lesson 1: “What’s her boyfriend like?” Emma has just met her cousin's new boyfriend and she is describing him to Shah.

Lesson 2: “It's funny you should say that...” Emma is describing her experience at the vet, where the staff were calm and supportive in a stressful situation.

Lesson 3: “Don’t you hate it when...” Emma is frustrated by a woman who pushed in front of her in a queue! 

Lesson 4: “I met the most amazing person today.” Emma has been so inspired by the story of a woman she met at a conference.

Lesson 5: “I thought you two were getting along?” Emma is surprised to learn that Shah and his new manager are not seeing eye to eye.

Lesson 6: “He sounds exactly like my brother!” When Shah is talking about a new colleague, Emma explains that he could be an introvert, like her brother.

Lesson 7: “I have a friend who’s just like that” Emma is complaining about her impatient Uncle and Shah describes his friend, who is very similar! 

Lesson 8: “What ever happened to” Emma is describing the old man who works at her local cafe.

Lesson 9: “Isn’t it weird how” Shah is describing a friend, who has a very different opinion about food!

Lesson 10: “Don’t you hate it when...” Shah is frustrated by a woman who pushed in front of him in a queue! 



The Pronunciation Training offers to take you deeper into some of the new imitation lessons, to show you how English is used naturally, by native English speakers.

There is an overview video lesson and two detailed Pronunciation Guides. They offer you a detailed analysis of Lesson 4 and Lesson 7, over 70 minutes of video.

This pronunciation training will help you to:

- listen to (and understand) native English speakers when they speak quickly!

- reduce, contract and link English words (that you already know)

- use these techniques so you sound more natural when you speak English

I know you are going to love these lessons.

Good luck!

Emma xx

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Messages from my students

"I can see the improvement!"

Imitation lessons provide an opportunity for me to practise English speaking in real situations and around many different topics. I can see the improvement in my pronunciation and intonation as well as the listening skills. It turned English learning a fun and enjoyable activity for me. I watch videos on the train, at work and almost every time during the day. I know I need to practise, practise and practise in order to get the best of them.

Sara | Iran

"They help you feel more confident"

My skills have definitely improved! By watching these lessons and practising I can see a huge, huge development in my pronunciation. Not only because you can practise and hear how spoken English works, but also these imitation lessons help you feel more confident and prepare yourself to speak English for real!

Deepak | India

"The lessons are perfect!"

If you want to improve your pronunciation, the lessons are perfect because you can practise in anytime, many times! It’s perfect for improving your listening, your vocabulary, your grammar and your pronunciation. It’s the same way I learned my native language. I listened to my father and mother, then I copied and repeated and then I could speak in Spanish!

Carolina | Brazil