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I created this short course to help you learn about the 10 most common mistakes made by English learners; study these grammar points; improve your English grammar!

By completing this course you will:

Learn about the 10 most common grammar mistakes that English learners make.

Find out which areas of grammar you feel confident with and are good at!

Understand which areas of grammar you need to improve (so you know what topics you need to spend more time studying).

Be eligible to win! Every month Emma will choose a student who has successfully completed the challenge and reward them with a prize! To be in the running, all you need to do is take the challenge!

Winners will be contact by email.

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mmmEnglish Grammar Challenge

Join the mmmEnglish Grammar Challenge!

10 video lessons and 10 quizzes to help you avoid common grammatical mistakes and practise what you learn so you can speak English more clearly and confidently!

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